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RedBird LED was founded in 2006 as an engineering company, RedBird Technologies, Inc. doing custom electro-optical design and machine vision projects for commercial clients.


The founder, Jonathan Eppstein, has advanced degrees in both electrical engineering and applied mathematics. He is also the inventor on more than 220 issued and pending US and international patents covering inventions related to LED Lighting technology, design and manufacturing processes, LED/Laser Distance Measurement, Non-Invasive Optical Measurement of Analytes in Humans, Transdermal Drug Delivery, LED Retrofit Systems, Thermal Management of LEDs in a Compact Fixture and High Efficiency Optical Systems for LED Fixtures.

To discuss your next lighting project, email our team at:, or call us at 678-RED-BIRD

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Jonathan Eppstein, CEO

about redbird led

"I have been working for schools going on 30 plus years and I would say this is the best return on investment of any project that I have done. It is going on two years and we have not had to touch one fixture."

Mike Kelly, Chief Of M&O

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