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Stripit Kit®

Cardinal Linear Light® Series

Using High Efficacy LEDs and power supplies, RedBird LED is proud to offer our newest LED lighting retrofit, the Stripit Kit® CORE® System.

Easy and quick to install, and covered by 10 Year Full Replacement Warranty. Priced affordably and with efficacy levels of 190 lm/w the Stripit Kits’ cost per lumen is one of the lowest in the industry.

A snap-on polycarbonate diffuser or clear lens is included with each strip.

Exceptional Thermal Management enabled via a permanent direct molecular fusing between the aluminum core PCB carrying the LEDs and the custom aluminum extrusion. This proprietary design feature delivers the Lowest In-Situ Temperature levels in the industry and a robust mechanical configuration. Based on our LM80 and the ISTMT data, the Energy Star TM-21 Lifetime exceeds a million hours.

RedBird’s multi-volt (90-305 VAC) LED drivers provide active power factor correction and a discontinuous current mode of operation. Built with premium components, the Drivers operate at 94% Efficiency Levels, PF=0.996; THD < 6%, and with an MTBF Life Expectancy of over 140,000 hours. Continuous dimming and dim-to-off is available via the 0-10V control signal. Power options for the Constant Current Drivers range from 9 to 190 watts.

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6 Quick Steps to Retrofit:

Step 1

Remove existing tubes, ballast (and tombstone terminals if desired)

Step 3

Snap on Diffuser or Lens to the LED Strips

Step 5

Position LED Strips and fasten to fixture with self-drilling TEK-Screws provided

Step 2

Connect driver output wires to the WAGO connector on the LED Strips

Step 4

Mount LED Driver in Fixture

Step 6

Connect input power, turn on your upgraded Lights and enjoy!

Fast and Easy Installation, only one tool required!

The complete system has been designed to cut installation time and complexity to an absolute minimum. Freedom to locate the LED strips and the driver within the fixture allows for optimizing the fit for each application. The installer simply positions strips as desired and mounts them using provided TEK-Screws with a cordless 1/4” nut driver. This provides a positive mechanical attachment while the aluminum extrusion guarantees excellent thermal management regardless of any discontinuities in the fixture’s mounting surface. No messy thermal grease, tapes, or foam pads are required.

Low-profile Extrusions-Lens/Diffuser allow placement in close quarters.

Compatible with a wide array of fixtures including drop-in troffers, cove-lighting, wraps, signage, backlit panels, display case lighting, reach-in coolers, and more. cULus listed for field installation as a retrofit product.

Built in the USA with 100,000 hour lifetime and 10 Year Full System Replacement Warranty

With these levels of quality, efficiency and cool operating temperatures we are able to provide a comprehensive ten year full replacement warranty with no pro-rating or exhaustive list of exclusions. In addition, RedBird is one of the few companies that guarantees against color shifting within the stated L70 lifetimes. 100% built in our ISO 9001 facility in Atlanta, GA. Most orders ship from Stock.

RedBird Drivers

Constant Current, Dim-to-Zero Option

RedBird Drivers table
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