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Redbird led's new ultra Stripit Kit®

Redbird’s new Ultra Stripit Kit® uses the highest performance LEDs and drivers enabling installed efficacy levels of 188 lumens/watt. Kits are economically priced and deliver the most lumens/dollar in the industry. The optional polycarbonate diffuser or clear lens with molded silicone end plugs seals the strips against dust, moisture, and insects. The kit is easy to install and comes with a Ten Year Warranty.

6 Quick Steps to Retrofit:

Step 1

Remove existing tubes, ballast (and tombstone terminals if desired)

Step 3

Snap on Diffuser or Lens to the LED Strips

Step 5

Position LED Strips and fasten to fixture with self-drilling TEK-Screws provided

Step 2

Connect driver output wires to the WAGO connector on the LED Strips

Step 4

Mount LED Driver in Fixture

Step 6

Connect input power, turn on your upgraded Lights and enjoy!

Fast and Easy Installation, only one tool required!

Using the provided self-drilling TEKscrews to mount the strips and driver allows optimal placement for each application with a positive mechanical attachment. A typical troffer retrofit takes ~ six minutes and can be completed with a single tool.

ultra strip kit® driver selection
Model #
Watts (selectable)
Lumen Output
29 to 85
5400 to 16000
16 to 47.6
3000 to 8950
17 to 22.1
3200 to 4150
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